S/V Meridian

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S/V Meridian

This is S/V (Sailing Vessel) Meridian, a rare Soverel 36 centerboard sloop.

It is believed that there were only 14 of the Mark Soverel 36’s made: this figure does not include the earlier Bill Soverel 36′ boats which included a Yawl model. Hull numbers 23456 (Meridian is #6)7 and 8 are Shoal Draft / Centerboard Sloops and hulls 1910111213 and 14 are Fixed Keel, Deep Draft Racing Sloops.

Hull #1: The original fixed keel Mark Soverel designed 36 was named Moody Blue, her construction was completed in 1975.

Hull #2: Arcturus, built with a solid glass hull, she was the only Soverel built on spec boat built prior to the Soverel 26’s.

Hull #3: built with a solid glass hull – originally red hull

Hull #4Rubaiyat at City Island, New York – built with an Airex core and different glass lamination schedule.

Hull #6Meridian (ex Sand Dollar) docked at the Downtown Beaufort Marina on the Intracoastal Waterway in Beaufort, SC. Originally commissioned by Mike Lovejoy, a naval supply officer, Meridian features an inner stay for a cutter sail, custom woodwork below, a 195 gallon water tank under the V-berth, a glassed-in 175 gallon fuel tank and is a tiller boat. She’s sailed all over the East Coast and Caribbean, and lived in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for about 3 years while Mike Lovejoy was stationed there. She was built for him and his family, and his daughter spent her first few years living aboard Meridian.

Hull #9: Originally made for Bill Soverel and named Flying Tiger. She was later sold Mark A. Richter on December 16, 1986. Richter liked to refer to her, lovingly, as Tigger, although the name was never officially changed, she is now named Marita.

Hull #10: On September 9, 2006, OPTION won the Spirit Rider Regatta on the Atlantic Ocean. OPTION took first and Soverel 33s took second and third.

Hull #11: Was the second Flying Tiger Mark Soverel 36

  1. jeffery slade says:

    I will soon own hull #9 the flying Tiger
    It’s in fairly good condition. Any interest in owning this rare boat? As I’m purchasing it to resale.

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