Anton Ross, Master of Meridian

Ahoy! My name is Anton, and these are my words.

I live on a rare, restored Soverel 36-foot sailboat in Beaufort’s (South Carolina) downtown marina right next to all the restaurants and groovy galleries. I also play sax and sing in a band called the Big Big Monkey Men in Charleston, play First Alto in the USCB/Lowcountry Band. My friends call me the sensitive pirate who lives life passionately. I’m adventurous, intelligent, open-minded, tolerant (I’m a Unitarian…not many of us around these parts, but Jingle Bells was written at the UU church in Savannah!), and a pretty fine cook.  I love animals…all of them. I grew up overseas, and have lived and traveled throughout most of the world…my dad was a Citadel graduate and USAF fighter pilot, so travel was part of my life. I spent my senior year of high school in Southern California, and then moved down to South Orange County by Dana Point. I kept my first sailboat there for years. I consider myself, to this day, to be from behind The Orange Curtain. I’m a highly-qualified member of the Lagunatics.

My mom’s Italian family is mostly in Naples, Italy, and I spent my formative years growing up there (7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade). I also lived in cool places like Keflavik, Iceland…where I had the opportunity to camp on Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajokull. I also spent summers in Greece…now that was FUN as a teenage boy.

My parent’s are close to me, as is my brother and family…although he lives on the West Coast in the Bay Area. My friends are scattered throughout the planet, and I’m thankful for email and skype to allow me to constantly stay in touch. My closest friends from college are an interesting mix: some very liberal “save the world” types, some who are pretty Bacchanalian, some who are conservatives, a few university professors tossed in, and one very close friend who is about as Libertarian as it gets. We have interesting conversations, to say the least. I used to be fairly Libertine in my youth…but youth passes. Sort of…mostly. Kind of.

I truly love sailboats and sailing and have chosen a simpler life that isn’t filled with too many “accessories.” Less stuff to dust, you know! Of course, with this much mahogany, teak and holly, there’s plenty to keep oiled and polished! But not a lot of “stuff.” And living on a sailboat also requires knowing how to fix the various systems aboard. I recently repaired a broken bilge pump switch and re-ran wiring to another pump. It’s a lot like fixing your own home, only if I foul something up, my home could become one with the fishes. I’m a fixer, I guess.

I’m enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a Russian Cryptolinguist, but went back to college and have spent most of my life after college as a journalist, art director, marketing manager, and public relations director. I also spent a few years in the Bay Area with Excite.com before the Dot Com Bust and worked for H. Ross Perot at my very first Dot Com. GREAT years. I owned my own independent Apple computer store in Charleston (That Apple Guy, actually in Mount Pleasant on Coleman Blvd) for a couple of years. Man, that was fun…and have restored a few houses. I have myriad passions, you could say.

Right now I’m the Web Guru (SEO/SEM/CMS/ETC) for a large vacation resort company on Hilton Head with properties in 3 states. I also handle marketing, PR, print design, logos, etc. I love it. Heh, Web Guru. At least that’s what my business card says. Fun stuff!

Playing First Alto, and sight reading some difficult passages.

Music is a passion of mine. I love most music that ISN’T rap or country. And yes, I do like opera. Love it, actually. I like everything from classic rock (Pink Floyd) to modern stuff (Moby) and everything in between. Ben Harper, Billy Joel, Sting, Blondie, Depeche Mode, Andrea Bocelli, Evanescence, Cirque du Soleil, Chris Isaak, Jean Jarre, Steely Dan…my iPod has got to be the most eclectic one on the planet. Or at least in this neck of the woods. Ask, and I probably have it on it.

I love to read as well, and have way too many favorites to list. Ernest Miller Hemingway is a deity to me, though. I read pretty much anything I can get my hands on, from philosophy to even ChickLit (yes, I loved Eat Pray Love and have Liz Gilbert’s latest on my iPod). Lolita. Atlas Shrugged. 1984 (I did the play in 1984 as well). Catch-22. Stranger in a Strange Land. Prince of Tides. Slaughterhouse Five. The Sound and the Fury. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The Name of the Rose (or anything by Umberto Eco). Clockwork Orange. Fahrenheit 451. Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

So, I hope you enjoy the blog…and the photos…and eventually videos.

  1. Terence says:

    Nice blog, mate. I always feel a certain sympatico with nomads, been one myself, kind of, since I saw the Goodyear blimp pass over the farm I was raised on in southern Wisconsin.

    Always have a strong hankering to be somewhere else every so often. I call Chiang Mai home but get to India during the burn season here ~ Feb to April ~ and will do the Camino de Santiago in Spain this summer.

    I write for a living and thank the gods daily for the internet. Create autroresponse emails, white papers, blog posts…and am fortunate enuf to be able to be choosy about my clients.

    BTW, Richard from Texas from Eat, Pray, Love was my good buddy….he used to end his shares at an anonymous meeting by saying “I’m Richard, and I’m happy to be here; I’m happy to be anywhere.” Old Slice is no doubt tickling someone’s funny bone somewhere in the great unlimited cosmos…

    All the best, mate.


  2. Bill Withum says:

    Hi I have owned the Soverel36 Moody Blue for 18 years.I sold her in 2005 .Like you I restored the boat.I enjoyed the boat imensly.Sailed great.Very good in light air and dead down wind.She is now located in Vermont on Lake champlain.Bill Withum

    • antonross says:

      Hi Bill,

      Interestingly enough, one of my co-workers who is in Burlington, VT has a sailboat docked just around the corner from Moody Blue. Considering how few Soverel 36s there are, and considering Andy and I just happen to now work together…it’s amazing odds. So glad you found this page. I’d love to have you share photos of Moody Blue.


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